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Classroom Workflow • Grading • Analytics

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Teach Every Student

Differentiate to the needs of your students based on real-time student data

Common Core Aligned

Dive deep into the standards, join the teacher community, and help all students grow

Save Time

Spend time on what matters. Say goodbye to stacks of paper to grade and manage


Step 1

Transform Any Document

into an online assignment or assessment

Simply highlight where you want your
students to provide answers

Step 2

Assign in Seconds

students will never print or email an assignment again

+ Students answer directly on the original document
+ Each response is available to the teacher instantly

+ All it takes is an access code or quick link and your students are ready to go, it's that simple

Step 3

Real-Time Student Responses

teachers access responses through an easy-to-use results panel

+ Automatic or manual grading
+ Instantly check comprehension
+ Quickly take actions to cater to each student's needs

+ Communicate learning needs to empower parents, coaches, colleagues and all of your students